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Interesting Review of True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

Posted on the 09 August 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Interesting Review of True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

Here is a review from the latest episode of True Blood and, more importantly, Eric & Sookie’s very hot, multi-positioned, sex marathon in Cold Grey Light of Dawn!

Interesting Review of True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”


The AV had this to say about Eric & Sookie;

That brings me to Eric and Sookie, which has been probably the most talked about aspect of the season so far. As a book reader, I’ve always approached the show with a bit of a different – and more cautious – attitude. Although the books haven’t been very good in quite a while, the characters they created are strong (and numerous) and the world rich with possibility. In particular, the fan-favorite fourth book has long been held as the gold standard of the series, so when I heard they would be doing a version of that story this season I was intrigued. Intrigued, and also terrified for what it might become because of one man: Alan Ball.

This is basically a long way of saying that the Eric and Sookie of season four are not the Eric and Sookie of book four, due to the liberties the show has taken along the way, and I must admit it’s been difficult for me to separate the two entities. That being said, the story has been enjoyable enough up to this point due to some fun work by Alexander Skarsgard. The past few episodes, however, have been trying way too hard to push them as a true love story without truly earning it in the storytelling, and the strain is showing on the actors a bit. The dialog isn’t helping matters, with the sticky sweetness turned up to maximum sugar, but as the sweeter the sentiments get the less compelling the conversations become. The idea of Sookie and Eric, and of what it means for them once Eric inevitably regains his innate Eric-ness, is interesting. The execution, however, has been less so.

You can read the entire review here!

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