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Integrating STEM in the Classroom: Resources

By Bruce Arcurio @principalarc
Integrating STEM in the Classroom: ResourcesThis past Tuesday, February 25th, we held our weekly #NJED Chat at 8:30pm EST. Our topic was: Integrating STEM in the Classroom. I was very excited about this topic because we are in the planning stages of opening a 4th Grade STEM Magnet Class for our district at Bear Tavern Elementary School.  I will be writing various posts about our progress as we continue to move forward; however, after the chat I received this tweet:
Integrating STEM in the Classroom: Resources
The easiest method seemed to be on my blog. So here is a list of the hyperlinks that were shared during our chat. It is a pretty good list of resources for anyone interested in STEM Education; HOWEVER, if you have others, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share them in the comments below so that we can all benefit.
Why Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy went MAD!
Framework for 21st Century Learning
Don't Squelch the Creativity #SAVMP
Falling isn't Failing
Infographic: The Value of STEM Education
12 Steps to Great STEM Lessons
If school is supposed to prepare students for real life, then why doesn’t it look more like real life?4 TED Talks for Educators Interested in STEAMNational Girls Collaborative ProjectSTEM Curriculum/Resources from the NV STEM CoalitionGoldie Blox and Rube Goldberg YouTube VideoMaryland K-5 STEM Resources PageNEA 10 Best STEM ResourcesTechnology & Children: STEM, It's Elementary! (Entire Journal Issue)
Engineering for AllPBS Teachers: STEM Education Resource CenterNASA Explorer Schools
Also, here is a link to the entire chat archive. I encourage readers to peruse the chat because the interaction between the participants was rich with insight, suggestions, and ideas.

"Integrating STEM in the classroom" #njed Chat 2-25-14

Please join us each Tuesday evening for our weekly chat. Our topics are varied and focused on what we do as practitioners. We welcome participants from all over the country and all over the world! Enhanced by Zemanta

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