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Inta Bathroom Taps

By Futli @futlim

The Inta bathroom tap range on the Discounted Heating website offers awide selection of beautiful and cleverly designed taps that would suit amultitude of applications, from non concussive taps to knee and pedal operated taps there really is something for everyone! One in particular I really like isIntatec Modern Infra Red Basin Tap, with a choice in both mains and batteryoperated designs, these bathroom taps have a strong brass structure with a highquality chrome finish and are priced exceptionally!

Inta Bathroom Taps

Intatec Modern Infra Red Basin Tap

Product Details

• Battery or Mains Powered
• Finish – Chrome
• Solid Brass Structure
• Water Saving
• Hygienic
• Vandal Proof
• 9V Lithium Battery (for Battery Operated)
• Battery Life Approx. 4 Years with 150 Operations a day
• Auto Calibration of the Sensor Field
• External Solenoid
• Recomended Water Pressure – 1.0-0.8 Bar
• Preset Sensor Range -220mm Adjustment
• Min Sensor Range – 300mm
• Security Time – 90 Seconds
• Hot Water Temp. – 70°C Max

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