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Instagram Has Launched Subscriptions Feature to Monetize Followers!

Posted on the 22 January 2022 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

Instagram is launching a new subscription feature for users. With new Instagram subscription features, users can make money online from their followers.

Instagram users are already money with features like Live fan Badges.

Now, Instagram is introducing a subscription feature that will help creators make recurring money.

Right now, the Instagram subscription feature is available for limited users only.

Instagram followers can subscribe to the user profile using subscribe button.

Create can decide the monthly price of a subscription.

Subscribers get the following benefits:

Instagram Launched Subscriptions Feature Monetize Followers!

Subscribers' badges:

Subscriber badge will display whenever a subscriber leaves a comment.

Subscriber Stories:

Content Creators can publish stories exclusively for their subscribers.

Subscriber Lives:

Content Creators can broadcast exclusive livestreams for their subscribers.

According to the Instagram business blog, Instagram subscriptions will help the content creators to build an engaging and robust connection with their followers.

And followers will enjoy exclusive benefits.

Who is Eligible for Instagram Subscriptions Feature?

Right now, a limited number of Instagram users in the USA can access subscription features on Instagram.

Instagram will roll out the features in other countries in the coming weeks or months.

Instagram is not charging any fees for subscription services.

Here is the list of Instagram content creators who can access the subscription feature:

Instagram is launching new features to make the platform user-friendly and help content creators monetize their time and hard work.


In the coming months, we will see many new updates from Instagram.
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