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INSTA-REVIEW: I’m Bananas About You (Home Bargains)

By One Treat @OneTreat

I didn’t expect much from these as I’ve never even heard of the company who make them, but I was pleasantly surprised!

They’re soft and squidgy like a fizzy marshmallow rather than a harder standard foam banana.


I loved the artificial strong banana flavour, it really reminded me of a McDonalds banana milkshake weirdly. It doesn’t taste of milk, but something about it was very familiar.

I enjoyed these a lot more than the cheap price hinted I would, and actually I prefer them to a normal sweet shop foam banana in both texture and flavor. I’ll be stocking up on the leftovers from Valentines I think!

INSTA-REVIEW: I’m Bananas About You (Home Bargains)

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