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Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

By One Treat @OneTreat

Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

These seem to be a “grown up” version of the Cheestring Scoffies I reviewed way back when. The more cheese the merrier I say!

Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

Cheese cubes, plain chocolate coated coffee beans, salted biscuits (AKA pretzel sticks), green peas with a spicy chilli and lime coating and salted edamame beans.

The edamame beans have great flavor and a wicked crunch and the green peas a strong lime and lip tingling delicious heat.

The cheese is cheddar and a pretty good one at that and the pretzel rods are strongly salted and go just perfectly. For me, the winner was always going to be the coffee beans.

The plain chocolate is good; rich and with a good chocolate kick but inside lurks a crunchy bean with a deliciously strong coffee hit.

Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

I don’t think I could’ve put together a better savoury mix myself!

Everything tastes good alone and even better together. A nice little protein fix at 12.5g too, so filling and reasonably healthy!

Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

The other pack contains cheese cubes, granola flapjacks with sultanas, raisins and seeds, giant corn with a spicy seasoning and salted edamame beans.

This packet only contains 10g of protein, I don’t know about you but I’m willing to sacrifice 2.5g of protein for flapjack if it’s good though!

The cheddar cheese and salted edamame beans are exactly the same and at first glance I thought the peas were too.

Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

Looks are deceiving though and they’re actually spicy seasoned giant corn. This was my first time with giant corn and I’m converted. I loved the large crunchy texture and the fact I could still taste corn even underneath the delicious spicy exterior. Surprisngly it went really well with the cheese too.

The flapjacks could have gone either way. This is a cheese based snack, to be stored in the fridge, exactly the opposite of what you want to be doing with baked goods right?

If this is what they taste like at 5 odd degrees with a month long shelf life then I want to try them warm and fresh! Squidgy, chewy, moist (!), bursting with dried fruit, sticky, sweet. Everything you want from a flapjack. Forgetting the texture, the fruity oat flavor was just perfect with the cheese too.

A bit more “treat/dessert” tasting than the other box but both as good as eachother. An easy healthier snacking option that’s bloody tasty too!


Go Go’s Cheese Snacks

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