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INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

By One Treat @OneTreat

I was buying myself a bag of the new Posh Choc Nibbles when I realised I hadn’t reviewed the original. So here’s a mini insta-review in anticipation of its fancier newer brother.

They’re “Nobbly nibbles with real chocolate, caramel and dusted with icing sugar”.

Now they’re not a luxury chocolate product but they are bloody addictive!

INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

They’re weird too, soft but firm. Melt in the mouth but require a bite. A little bit crunchy in places. Good weird.

The quality of the chocolate (25% milk solids, 14% cocoa) is surprisingly good and has a proper milky chocolate flavor rather than sugary cheap crap. There’s a touch of a sweet caramel every now and then too as a tasty little bonus.

Now about those posh ones…

INSTA-REVIEW: Choc Nibbles

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