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Inspiring Stories of Dogs That Became Heroes

By David13676 @dogspired

capeIt is safe to say that there are not many other animals in the world that can steal the hearts of humans and get as much love from us than dogs do.

It also goes without saying that dogs are a rarity to the Animal Kingdom that also give humans eternal love and devotion. Due to this, there have been numerous cases of heartwarming dog stories proving them to be heroic, fascinating, and incredible.

There are hundreds of images, stories and videos posted online and in the news all the time, however, it is uncommon for dog stories to truly astound us with the remarkable events or situations that a dog has been in. Because of this, heroic happenings make these particular dogs much more special and precious to the general public.

Whether you are a pet lover or not, it is difficult to ignore the brave and audacious personalities that some dogs possess and use to an astonishing advantage.

Some of these amazing animals have saved lives of both people and other animals, as well as sensed bad situations before they have even happened, preventing horrible events from taking place.

Snake Bite
In 2004, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever in Florida named Brutis became an honored hero has he prevented a small child from being attacked by a coral snake. The pooch’s fantastic senses and natural loyalty to humans caused him to react and grab onto the snake when it was slithering very close to the small child. During this, the dog was bitten and was left in a near-death state due to the poison in the snake’s bite.

This act saved the vulnerable life of a small child and put the dog at risk instead.

Saving the Elderly
Shana is a wolf dog from New York who, in 2006, used her brilliant intuition during a snowstorm when her attention was caught by an elderly couple who were trapped underneath a large amount of snow. Trees in the area fell down across their bodies and they were very close to death until the conveniently big dog spotted them. She took all of her energy to dig a tunnel from underneath the trees to the nearest escape route. It took her around two hours to complete whilst the couple held onto each other, slowly giving up hope of survival. The dog managed to pull the older woman out of the ditch and onto her back, also dragging the woman’s husband with them. Once the amazing dog got them inside the house, she lay on top of the couple to keep them warm and safe. This is an outstanding story that really proves the heroic nature of dogs.

Hurricane Katrina
During the horrific event of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, hundreds of people did what they could to save lives and the belongings of others. However, it wasn’t just humans that helped during the unfortunate event, as an inspiring black Labrador, Jake, did amazing things, too. In Mississippi, the independently roaming dog found a man that was drowning under the rise of the water and the pressure that it had on him. Following this, the dog leaped over to him and swam the man to higher grounds.

As well as this, other dogs around the situation were said to have been completely loyal to their owners and stuck by them throughout the disaster. One source said that dogs were seen staying by the bodies of their owners, despite them being lifeless.

Taking a Bullet
In 2007, a German Shepherd called Moti living in Florence took a bullet for his family during a house attack. Moti responded to the breaking in of a masked man and immediately understood the threat that the masked intruder posed. He gained the attention of the intruder by barking loudly and approaching him, initially to make the man turn away. This forced the intruder to shoot the dog and runaway, therefore the dog was badly injured but still saved the lives of his family. Thankfully, this hero survived the shooting and made a very good recovery.

Pirate Attack
Kankuntu is a brave dog on a boat in Venezuela that took on an army of gunmen and pirates that were preparing to hijack the family’s yacht. The dog took an immediate response to the armed men and shocked the family with his epic abilities. He jumped straight onto the boat of pirates and attacked each gunman, until eventually he was shot and stabbed. He was injured between the shoulder blades but in the process he managed to steer the men away.  Fortunately, the dog was treated and was soon taken back to his family for them to continue their sea travels.

Other dogs have similarly saved their owners from other animals, rescued other dogs from attacks, and helped those that cannot help themselves.  It is vital that we remember the heroic dogs that help the lives of others everyday, such as guide dogs and service dogs.  Dogs that have these responsibilities come with immense abilities and skills that many of us are unaware of and or even dismiss.  A dog’s natural instincts have been an exceptional benefit for pet owners and members of the public alike, as they have controlled a terrible situations better than any human possibly could.

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