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Inspiring Diy Projects: Make Your Own Chair

By Facingnorth
Inspiring diy projects: make your own chair
I really like to create things with my hands and I'm always looking for something special to reinterpret for our place. Plus, at the moment, we still are in a low budget renewal so DIY projects are our best friends!  One of my favorite materials is cardboard and I've just found this amazing chair that you can create with just four boxes. David Goldstein, the genius mind behind the Re-Ply Recliner (that's the name), says he was very interested in origami as a child and that the concept came out when he started thinking of cardboard as paper. Simple ideas are always the best. Then, the design recalls a lot the shapes of Arne Jacobsen's works, do you agree?
Inspiring diy projects: make your own chairInspiring diy projects: make your own chairInspiring diy projects: make your own chair
Images via here and here.If you want to know more about the Re-Ply Recliner, check this page here.

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By facingnorthwithgracia
posted on 25 February at 02:08
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Happy you enjoyed the post! I was delighted, too when I first read about it. I hope designers come up more often with this sort of ideas! Like the guys who made stratigraphic porcelain: design production is due to change soon for some sectors!

By Monsterscircus
posted on 24 February at 08:31
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Wow, this one really take recycle, design and origami to another level!!! Amazing and brilliant, would love to udpack and DIY this one into the beautiful chair. Great tip!