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Inspiration in Music

By Nadine
I have a playlist on my iPod called "Strength". If someone were to ask me what is in it my answer would be "inspirational music, music I use to connect to the Divine". What are you imagining? Yoga music? Faith music? Not so much.
Long before I identified as a Buddhist and even before I recognized I was on a spiritual path, I loved certain songs. I grew up listening to country music. But country or pop, I loved music that talked about that perfect love. Which was odd since I didn't really go for that whole perfect romantic love notion.
A couple of years ago, I realized why the songs were speaking to me. For me, that perfect love is that perfect love with the Divine. It's that connection with my inner Buddha.
Now when I listen to those songs, it becomes part of my spiritual practice. Some random examples:
Kelly Clarkson: “You got a piece of me / Andhonestly, / My life would suck without you”.
Sinead O’Connor: “I was not listening anymore / Stillyou continued to affect me”.
Jessie Farrell: “Each time you came around I felt a bitlighter / Lost in a sense of something so right”.

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