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Inspiration from Albert Einstein

By Bonirulzz @bonirulzz

Following is an excerpt from the book “Ten Much by A.G. Krishnamurthy” where the author describes the early life of Albert Einstein.
I was touched and inspired when i read it.I hope you too find it inspirational.

Here you go:
“He didn’t learn to speak English till he was four.He didn’t learn to tie his own shoe laces for an embarrassingly long time.He was probably the last person in the class to learn to read.His teachers declared him mentally slow and when he finally managed to get through school, he failed the entrance exam to college.
And yet today, it is his name that immediately springs to mind when asked to name the world’s topmost genius,
Albert Einstein.
Yes.The very same genius was all this and more as a child.But he struggled through his obstacles and excelled in the same field that he was declared unfit for and went on to win a Noble prize for Physics.”

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