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Inside Voices Vs Outside Voices

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
Recently, I was out having a nice (hoping for relaxing) evening dinner and the table that we were sitting at, just happened to be in the middle of two others... table on our right and a table on our left.  The patrons at the table on our left were quiet, probably hoping to enjoy a relaxing evening dinner too.  The table on our right, well... the girl was quiet but the guy was being loud and obnoxious... he was obviously talking with his outdoor voice!  At first, the conversation was quite interesting and funny and I was amused, but I couldn't help feel like I was an audience member on the Jerry Springer Show. 
After a while, his whole outdoor voice and conversation started to get on my nerves.  He was just being rude by being so loud, apparently he wanted everyone in the restaurant to know his and his friend's business.  At that point, I became upset and was like "What the hell?"  I was even at the point of asking our waitress if a nice cup of 'shut the f*@k up' was on the menu so that I could order him a cup or two.
Unfortunately as the evening went on, it was clear that this guy had no volume control and he was making it difficult for me to enjoy my food and company of those I was with, without having to listen to his whine... bitch...  piss... and moan session.  I looked around at the other tables and noticed a few people rolling their eyes too.  Seriously, the woman that he was with was sitting so close to him, that he could have leaned in and gave her a kiss from across the table without any effort but yet he felt the need to use his 'outdoor voice' inside where it wasn't loud at all.
I sat there listening to the guy chump because I had no choice until I could take it no more.  I excused myself from our table, walked over to the yeller and politely addressed him. "You are right next to each other, unless one of you is deaf, please quiet it down!" was all I said... or something along that terms.
Many thumbs up from other patrons as I returned to my table.  Problem resolved. 
I’m not a rude person at all (those that know me can stop rolling their eyes now), but this was an instance where yelling at your woman from across a table at a restaurant so that everyone could hear you bitch her out for nothing really other than she was late meeting him for dinner... was really uncalled for.  I guess some people just don’t know when to use their inside voices, and sometimes they need someone to remind them of it.
I left the restaurant with a belly full of delicious food and having had great conversation with my company despite the feeling that I had just spent a couple of hours working at a day care center with a nameless bratty kid who needed to be reminded of the words "Okay kids, lets use our inside voices!"
Inside Voices vs Outside Voices

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