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Inside The Lost Island Of New York

Posted on the 03 February 2012 by Gerard @presurfer
Inside The Lost Island Of New Yorkimage credit
Stairwells strewn with debris and walls crumbling slowly to dust, it's the island that New York forgot for 50 years. Now, in these extraordinarily eerie pictures, the lost world of North Brother - quarantine zone, leper colony and center for drug addicts - has been brought back to life.
It is hard to believe that these echoing corridors and abandoned halls were home to hundreds of patients - or that a criss-cross of tree-lined avenues were once roads. But the haunting quality of these pictures makes it easy to imagine that it was a place of indescribable misery, which one inmate compared to the notorious black hole of Calcutta.
(thanks m.c.)The Presurfer

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