Spirituality Magazine

Inner God

By Atulsharmasharma
While taking bath look at your body. How does it appear to you? The answer is simple. It looks odd.
Inner GodStill we have a strong conviction that in reality it is not. It looks odd because of the soap. Similarly when you meet a vile man do not consider him vile. Consider his outwardly appearance only as vile. In his inner self look for the fragment of God which is seated in his heart. Now behave accordingly. You will get miraculous results.
And one day when you will be  able to deal with the whole world in this manner you will never encounter a vile man anymore.
The striver who wants God, should always  watch for the God in Human beings, only then he will be able to find God.
God is seated in the heart of all of us. A person who understands it will definitely one day find God.

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