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Infographics : 30 High Page Rank Galleries to Submit Yours

Posted on the 01 May 2013 by Curatist @TheCuratist

Infographics, or information graphics, are a great visual way to present data, information and knowledge. Usings charts, maps, icons they are used to turn complex data into simple and quick visualisations helping us process information.

Whether they are designed for editorial, scientific, marketing or SEO purposes, infographics have proven to be very efficient to communicate concepts, ideas or statistics. There is now a large variety of online galleries and communities of infographics lovers that you can browse in order to discover great designss, find inspiration for your design projects and the good news is that most those galleries will even allow you to share your own infographics.

We have shortlisted below 30 infographic galleries that will let you share your very own designs with their community of fans. For those you would like to get some SEO juice from their designs, we have also added some metrics such as Domain Authority and Google Page Rank that will help you build your link portfolio.

1- Good


Google Page Rank=7
Domain Authority=91

2- Visually


Google Page Rank=7
Domain Authority=85

3- I Love Chart

i love charts

Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=97

4- DataVisualization


Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=64

5- Coolinfographics

cool infographics

Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=68

6- DailyInfographic

daily infographic

Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=65

7- Visualizing


Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=63

8- ChartPorn


Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=60

9- Thingiverse


Google Page Rank=6
Domain Authority=

10- VisuaLoop


Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=97

11- Easelly


Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=61

12- Eagereyes


Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=57

13- Infographicsshocase

infographics showcase

Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=56

14- Infographicsarchive

infographics archive

Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=50

15- VisualJournalism

visual journalism

Google Page Rank=5
Domain Authority=47

16- Infographr


Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=97

17- The Infographics

the infographic

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=69

18- SubmitInfographics

submit infographics

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=52

19- Love Infographics

love infographics

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=44

20- Infographic Journal

infographic journal

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=39

21- Infographic List

infographic list

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=37

22- Infographic Directory

infographic directory

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=49

23- Pdviz


Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=36

24- Newsilike

news i like

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=34

25- AmazingInfographics

amazing infographics

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=32

26- Infographicsite

infographic site

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=31

27- Infographics Inspiration

infographics inspiration

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=31

28- Coolinstructographics

cool instructographics

Google Page Rank=4
Domain Authority=21

29- Vizual Archive

vizual archive

Google Page Rank=3
Domain Authority=33

30- Media Caffeine

media caffeine

Google Page Rank=3
Domain Authority=38

What is your favourite infographic gallery? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Image Horoscoped via Information is Beautiful.

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