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Infielders – Be Still at Contact

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Virtually every infielder has been taught to step forward on the pitch.  Little leaguers are taught this early on to make

Be squared and still at contact

Be squared and still at contact

sure they get used to charging the ball.  Watch major league infielders and many will do the same thing.  It’s a common procedure but infielders have to be careful to make sure they do it correctly.

If you are an infielder, most balls hit your way will be to your left or right.  Some are hit hard and some are hit soft but very rarely will you get a ball hit directly at you.  You usually have to move for it.  The problem that a lot of fielders run into is that when they take that step forward on the pitch their weight is still moving forward when the ball is hit.  This is ok if the ball is hit right at you but not so ok if you have to range left or right.

Step forward if you want but be still and fully squared to the batter when contact is made.  Doing so gives you the best chance to break left or right most efficiently.  Move forward at contact and you’ll waste time having to stop your momentum before going left or right. 

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