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Infared “Drive-By” Technology Quickly Finds Energy Leaks

Posted on the 29 May 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Infared “Drive-By” Technology Quickly Finds Energy LeaksTaking a cue from Google’s Street View, MIT has developed a new technology to conduct a kind of “drive-by” energy audit. The R-View system “can determine the energy efficiency of a home or building by taking an infrared image of it, including where the energy leaks are.”

The technology is still new and the price of the service has not yet been set, but roll out to consumers is expected to start this year. While not replacing an energy audit, the new techniques can streamline the process, allowing for preliminary scans of homes, building, neighborhoods, and even entire cities.

Researcher Long Phan and Research Scientist Jonathan Jesneck have been working  to scan the entire city of Cambridge as well as an army installation with guidance from Professor Sanjay Sarma. The test scans were a success, quickly identifying buildings that are most inefficient by detecting the heat escaping through walls, roofs, doors and windows. This allows for prioritization, with the least energy efficient buildings being targeted first for improvements and energy efficient upgrades.

The video below shows the technology in action.


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