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By Agnes

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Having spent the last couple of days in semi-voluntary home confinement (thanks friends for bringing me food!), determined to finally get rid of the last of this flu, I came to the inevitable and somewhat painful conclusion that my floors will need redoing. Broken tiles being the main reason plus the fact that even nice rugs can only cover up so much. The downside to being inside for days is that you notice things like broken tiles. The upside to noticing broken tiles is it occupies my attention thusly making sick-time pass a bit faster.

Leafing through catalogues & scanning in bits and pieces is as far as I got in the inspiration process… there's only so much you can do without leaving the house. 

catalogue scans


Basically like tiles and wood, and nothing fancy really.

Not really sure why I don't gravitate to anything new and shiny looking, must be a genetic flaw. 

Thinking these would go well with my existing furniture, rugs  & walls:

floors i like

Anyway, called a couple of contractor friends. We'll see what they have to say but pretty sure the only remedy for broken tiles is replacement?

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