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Indoor Workouts for the Winter

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

Winter is a tough time for some when it comes to keeping up their fitness regime. It’s a time that keeps people stuck indoors, which consequently makes them feel lazy and sleepy, feeling the need to just snuggle down to bed. To keep your body fit, here are some fresh new ideas you can incorporate for your fitness game in winter.

Mix those martial arts

Move those muscles and get into some martial arts. Mix these tactical movements and combine them with high-intensity training, resulting in a quality bodyweight exercise routine you can perform indoors. Check out some martial arts videos and get creative, incorporating those moves with some proper exercise mechanisms.

Try out spin class

Riding out in the cold on your bike may not be the best idea this winter season, so if you’re looking for an alternative, try out spin class. This involves intense cycling sessions done indoors, burning up hundreds of calories while helping to keep your bones strong. Interval cycling routines also help to keep your thighs, calves, butt and core strong.

Get your dance moves on

Check out some videos online that are about dance-based workouts such as ballet exercises, zumba, or any other popular dance-style routines.  Dance workouts are a good way of keeping up your shape, while also letting you get into some funky dance moves. Dance exercises are fun and engaging, popular due to their entertaining quality. This option is sure to shake off your laziness and get you to move it in no time.

Keep calm and do yoga

Yoga is widely believed to be a stress reducer, helping keep away anxiety and fatigue while improving your body’s strength and flexibility through its innovative poses. Ideal for indoor exercise, this calming technique lets you keep your nerves relaxed and your body toned. A lot of yoga styles and techniques are available for you, and there’s no shortage of instructions and videos on the subject, so be sure to check that out.

Jump and go trampoline-crazy

Trampolines may be a popular activity for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, too. This bouncy activity is also becoming one of the latest fitness crazes around. This is because trampolines are not only fun, they can also help you get some cardio moves on. Check out some trampoline exercise videos online. However, if you don’t have a high-ceilinged area indoors for trampoline exercise, then try out for a trampoline class.

Play some dodge ball

Dodge ball is a fun gym class game, especially when done with friends. Aside from this, dodge ball is also a good cardio workout, letting you move about as you duck and avoid your opponent’s strikes. After a rigorous game of dodge ball with your friends, you’ll feel sorer than what you expect for all the calories you just burned.

Swim some laps

While you may have hung up your swimming essentials for the next time the sun peeks through, swimming doesn’t necessarily have to be put off for the duration of the winter. Head on out to your gym or community center to swim some laps, guaranteed to let you exercise for a longer period without excessive strain on the muscles.

This also helps you improve your breathing, your mood and your physique. This is the perfect way to prepare for your next beach or pool trip, especially when you’re planning to rock a beautiful swimsuit, such as this Cole of California Hawaiian Summer Tab Front Bandeau Bra.


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