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Indo Pak Union.......

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
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The out come of colonial rule in our country often builds up frustration within me, to top it up the politics on either side of border and to add fuel to fire the world politics !.I still remember the union of East and West Germany and wonder can it ever happen with India and Pak !! As a child i  often heard  tales from my grand parents about life before partition, probably it had great influence somewhere deep down in my sub cautious mind and heart.We are two countries with similar culture ,food habits,common language and dressing style and the people can very well connect and relate with each other but why the enemity ?? I often wonder what if India and Pak reunites to form Hindustan once again...i am sure we will become a country which is Super Power , rich in resources culture ,talent, strength last but not least we will have the No. One Cricket Team in the world  , i am sure Cricket might interest some of Indo Pak readers as its a common passion in both the countries . People on either side of border do  not have nothing against each other its just some fanatic organisations which tend to spread venom... else we would not be connecting on FB , nor there would be appreciation of art and music

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