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Indie Crown

Posted on the 17 February 2011 by Pelski
Indie Crown
The accredited mask of David Lyre receives the remix treatment from Pearson Sound. Taking Lyre's low register vocals and rewinding them into mesmerising loops makes for a sound intro, only to be followed by sparse tribal undertones and the higher octaves of Lyre's harping vocals. Analogue snares and deep summer chord oppressions run through the melody, making this a nice precursor of better weather to follow.
David's Lyre - In Arms (Pearson Sound Remix)
This new guy needs to be locally globalised. It's nothing particularly new, but when done well, the ever popular temperate sounds of well produced indie glo-fi is always a pleasure. Ryan uses a low pulse bpm similar to that of Washed Out, while layering crunchy vocoder harmonies upon top, that would not go amiss in an Animal Collective production. The star struck shimmer of the indie-tronic genre can often be clouted by images of over enthusiastic face paint and random hieroglyphics, however Ryden Ridge sparks the right side of the brain and the spacey melodies speak easy to a lazy wake up call.
Ryden Ridge - Words

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