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Indians Really Lack Innovative Skills ? Analysis | Research | Facts – Video

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

Before watching this video, a duality was prevailing in my mind about innovation in India. 1st though comes to my mind is, from last 9-10 years it is buzz around the globe is India is galloping IT Sector in Offshore outsourcing, but when I personally consulted with friends and family members who are the part of that industry , I am told that they only do maintenance work of US software company’s product. Now that really made me think that, Is Indian IT sector actually making progress ? IT professional don’t get bored of doing something repetitive ? Anyway… 2nd thought come to my mind is, (not biased/ boasting.. Certainly not..!) when we compare Indians from other countries population, they are comparatively witty and smart. Though Indians are not good at presentation, office etiquette, professional grooming ETC, but Indians are innate thinkers..! (Compared to)

So It was a confusing matter for me always. But After watching this video, it clears out most of my doubts. Well, some good points are mentined by this guy and I really like his presentation. Though India is not directly affecting the innovation but at top level they are producing concepts, most of the companies started building research and development house in India. One more good point he figured out is, Indian education systems are not producing capable leaders and thinkers to fuel the growth of India in great manner. Well, this is a complex situation arising out of India, but on other side, opportunity is a result of complexity.. be optimistic.. be hopeful.. think on own… find your way…

Let’s see this video…

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