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Indiana Cemeteries: Underhill Cemetery in Saint Croix, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Indiana Cemetery: Underhill Cemetery in Saint Croix, Indiana

Indiana Cemetery: Underhill Cemetery in Saint Croix, Indiana

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Indiana Cemetery

We were exploring Perry County near Saint Croix, Indiana when I saw it: a sign for Underhill Cemetery (also known as Cunningham Cemetery)! Down a gravel road. Into the woods. This would be fun!

Heading on in, it felt like we were driving for quite  a bit when suddenly–there was a fork in the road!  There was no sign to tell us where to go. We chose to head right.

This is a narrow winding road. Lots of trees. No real room to turn around. When we came to another fork in the road, I was thinking horror movie–but luckily hubs noticed that this fork made a big loop in front of the cemetery. Whew!

Indiana Cemetery: Underhill

Indiana Cemetery: Underhill

Underhill Cemetery in Perry County

It really feels like the middle of nowhere. Underhill Cemetery is an old one!

I was poking around and taking pics while hubs waited in the car with our sleeping kids. Rule #1 in our home? Never, EVER wake up a sleeping baby!

Caught up in the individual headstones, I suddenly realized what I was seeing. I called hubs out of the car–waking up everyone in the process. Oops.

Mystery in the Cemetery

Saint Croix, Indiana: Underhill Cemetery

Saint Croix, Indiana: Underhill Cemetery -- Look closely. See all the stones beyond the headstones?

Stones, not headstones, are set all around a large area of Underhill Cemetery. They are not random stones as they are spaced far enough apart, and in some cases, very far apart from one another.

Why are there so many markers here? Who are all these people? Are their names located anywhere or are they just lost?

It was very unusual and something that even with all of my Indiana town cemetery wanderings I had not yet seen.

Unsolved Mystery…

Do you know why there are these stone markers? We just can’t figure it out. Please let me know in the comments!

Find Underhill Cemetery images and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Underhill Cemetery

Saint Croix, Indiana

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