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Indiana Blogs: Stuff

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Indiana Blogs: Stuff

Indiana Blogs: Stuff

Indiana blog Stuff is owned by a blogger who certainly writes with poetic flair. Her words come alive on the screen. I am always pulled into her posts.

Her writing has a humorous side, too. My fave? The post that defends her (gross!) habit of dipping her Oreo cookies in water? No kidding. Her milk revulsion makes her do it.

Read her blog for a look inside her life: Past and present. Discover her daily triumphs and successes, and even those not so perfect days. No matter what Lindsay is writing about, her way of telling a story is truly memorable.

Indiana Blogs: Stuff

Why did you start Stuff?
I made a resolution early this year to take more chances. Writing has always been my passion, but something I kept strictly to myself. I wanted to ease out of my comfort zone, and had been contemplating beginning a blog for a couple years. After all, what is the fun in having a passion if you don’t share it with anyone?

I actually woke up one morning, in April of this year, and said “I’m going to write a blog today”, so I did, and it was terrifying. I stared at the first one, Killing the Spider, for an hour before I hit the button to post it. After that, it was much easier.

What about that name? Why “Stuff?”
My blog doesn’t exactly have a lot of consistency in the subject matter of its posts, it’s kind of just a hodgepodge of my random thoughts and ideas. One day I’ll write about my childhood, and the next I’ll talk about respect or guilty pleasures. Sometimes I’m nostalgic, and at others I am ranting. It’s all just stuff.

Plus, my last name is Stuffel, and “Stuff” is what you get when you take away the “el”…it practically titled itself.
What are three of your most favorite posts?

The West Northmarket Gang

Powder Puffs and M&Ms

Until the Real Thing Comes Along

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
It began as a desire to conquer a fear, which has become my personal mission in 2011. It has developed into something much more, however. I no longer fear what people will think of the things I have to say.

I love to write, simple as that. If I have a message for someone, I’ll blog about it. If I want someone to know how I’m feeling, it becomes part of “Stuff”. I enjoy being able to tell people where I came from and what I want to do. It allows me to express myself in a way that is difficult for me to do face-to-face.

You also live in a small town–what do you think is the best part about small town life?
The intimacy and familiarity. Plus, I have the added bonus of the majority of my family living in my hometown. I have my friends, and I have my family, but I am also friends with my family. It’s a very interesting and somewhat unique dynamic.

I think there is a lot to be said for us “small town folk”. We take a lot of pride in what we do and where we come from. I like the fact that, in high school, I worked at the same grocery store my mother had once worked and that my sisters went on to work. It’s the kind of place that doesn’t hire people to stand there and greet you when you enter. The cashiers themselves yell “Hello” as you walk in the door and the sack boys carry your groceries out to your car. You just can’t get that kind of personal experience in a big city.

Where is your happy place?
My happy place requires three ingredients. My loved ones, great music, and cold beer. Second place, however, goes to a cool Fall afternoon, on my couch, wrapped in a quilt fresh from the dryer, watching “Gone With The Wind”.

What do you want little Indiana readers to know about Stuff?
That it was born of a desire I have had since I was a little girl writing poems about robins. That this desire grew with each writing assignment in each English class in high school, and that only by facing my fear of judgment did I finally gain the confidence to open myself up and show people what I love.

This is not only what “Stuff” is about, but the very thing it stands for. Do what you love, and what you do will love you back.

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