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Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales

Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales

Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales is an Indiana blog that puts the pizazz back into farming!

Farmer and agriculture advocate though she may be, today’s featured blogger knows the value of a good pair of shoes–and isn’t afraid to wear them.

When not down on the farm? Meggie’s working full-time or enjoying her baby girl. Take a peek inside this fun-lovin’ mama’s life. Just don’t forget to check out her recipes!

Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales

Why did you start Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales?
I started my blog in April of 2010 along with some fellow farm women as part of a workshop offered by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

At the time, I was pretty sure I didn’t have the time or energy to become a regular blogger and what on Earth was I going to blog about.

But soon, I realized this would be my opportunity to tell our farm story in my own words on my own time.

Since I work full-time off the farm as an editor, I needed a more creative outlet to write, to share my opinions, and just in general blog about being a first-time mom doing my best to keep it fabulous all while balancing family, farm and work!

What about that name? Why Hoosier Farm Babe Tells Tales?
When I was in the early stages of developing my blog–I went through a creative process to come up with the name–Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails. Since I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and a lifelong farm gal with a love for shopping and frilly girly clothes–I came up with Hoosier Farm Babe.

Although I don’t consider myself a babe per se, I can do my darnedest to put the fab in farming even with all the pig poo and tractor smoke. We (farmers) don’t all wear bib overalls and have hayseeds sticking out of our mouths!

What are three of your most favorite posts?
Earlier on, I fashioned my blog to discuss how farm gals, too, can be glamorous. This post is a stunning example of just that–connecting Manolo Blahnik shoes with dairy farmers!

Sex in the City and Milking Cows

I love telling the story of how I got here. I am so proud of my roots in agriculture and have fond memories of growing up on a dairy farm in Ohio. After college, I married a hog farmer and we have started our own family farm business. It has definitely been a challenge to be in an industry where the average age of farmers is 52.

One of the reasons I quickly fell in love with my farmer (when we were dating) was when he shared his ambitions and dreams for the future–to establish a farming operation that could be passed on to the next generation just as it had been for us as the 6th generation. Farming as youngin’ is definitely not easy. Every day is an adventure and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Real Farmwives of America: How did I get here?

When I started blogging, I was pregnant with our first child. And ever since Baby RayRay was born, I found I blog A LOT about our sweet baby girl as well as life as a full-time workin’ momma. This is probably one of my favorite posts, not necessarily because it’s in part about RayRay, but more about the special Dads in our lives. I tear up a little every time I go back and read this post.

These are a few of my favorite Dads
What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
With every experience I have, I now think … “Could I blog about this?” or “This would make a great blog post!” and I’m always bookmarking thoughts and photos for future blog posts.

I absolutely love blogging (I confess I may be addicted), but more than that I love connecting with other bloggers, especially mommy bloggers since I am a first-time momma always looking for advice and understanding of all the crazy things moms go through.

Anyone browsing your blog will see you refer to agvocacy. What’s that?
Essentially, agvocacy is defined as advocating for the agriculture industry. This is an industry that I grew up in since my family milked cows and grain farmed (corn and beans). Now that I’m married to a hog farmer and we own a farm business together, agriculture is our livelihood.

The decisions that are made on Capitol Hill affect everything we do on the farm. Folks have strong feelings about how animals are raised and I don’t blame them–it’s important to us too. Through my agvocay efforts on my blog, I can help provide at least one small voice from the farm side and help share the real (non-sugar-coated) story about living and loving life on the farm.

Do you name your cows? Do you have any fave cow names?
Yes, all of my cows have registered names through the American Jersey Cattle Association.

Growing up my favorite cow was named Macaroni.

Today, my name-registering has evolved a little to reflect my fabulous side, including Petra, Charlize, Mimosa, Stella (due to my recent love of the movie A Streetcar Named Desire) and a heifer actually named Gorgeous!

Anything else you want little Indiana readers to know about you or your blog?
Essentially, I blog about whatever is on my mind or whatever is going on in my life. Sometimes it’s fabulous, sometimes it’s just about getting through the day with my hair pulled back and my favorite blue jeans and boots (either cowboy or stiletto) on.

But despite all the struggles of being a new mom, a farm wife, and of life as an adult in general, I try to do my best to keep a smile on my face and that is what I hope to share on my blog–keeping my readers smiling and, whenever possible–laughing too!

Tractor Smoke and Stiletto Boots?

I appreciate a blog that shares life as it happens–no matter how messy. Thanks to Meggie for sharing her fabulousness on and off the farm!

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