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Indiana Blogs: Four Leaf Clover Tales

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Indiana Blogs: Four Leaf Clover Tales
Indiana Blogs: Four Leaf Clover Tales

Four Leaf Clover Tales is an Indiana blog that is written by Leontien, sort of pronounced Leeyawnteen, a lady who moved to Indiana all the way from Holland! She’s had a life-long passion for her work and the U.S. as you’ll quickly see in her writing.

She’s a cancer survivor, horse lover, book reader, and a dairy farmer. She and her husband own a few thousand cows at their farm: Four Leaf Clover Dairy. Dig in to their adventures!

Indiana Blogs: Four Leaf Clover Tales

Why did you start Four Leaf Clover Tales?
Well, officially I started in April of 2010. But because it didn’t go well, I had the idea that my everyday troubles would not interest anybody, and I also didn’t know what the best way was in introducing my family and our dairy to everybody, so I kinda stalled my posting… Until I went to “The Pioneer Woman” book signing in Ohio with my sweet new-found friends. That changed everything.

She told us (all aspiring bloggers) that it didn’t matter what we wrote as long as we felt good by it. And so in February of 2011, I started writing about cancer and having to deal with life after cancer. And started to write about the farm and about my life before the farm in a way that I thought would be funny even if it was a touchy subject.

And people seemed to like what I had to write so a new addiction was born! And I have to say blogging is much better for your health than smoking or drinking!

So, you are originally from the Netherlands and now you live in Indiana? What are some of the big differences between there and here?
The differences are HUGE!!! The Netherlands is only one 3th the size of Indiana. Indiana has 3.3 million people (or so they say) and The Netherlands has 16 million!

So you can say it is a bit more crowded over there… But really, from going to the grocery store, living in an American culture, to the people and animals surrounding you, there are really too many differences to mention right now!

Is there anything about Indiana that reminds you of the Netherlands?
All the pictures in our lovely Indiana home of my sister, Bastiaan’s parents and our friends remind me of Holland every day….

What are three of your most favorite posts (with links, please!)
1. What cancer does to somebody like me

2. How A Girl Gets A Horse3. Living my American Dream

But I think as we go further in time and the “being sick” becomes more of a memory I think personally I’m gonna like the “Crazy American” series the most. Because it is so much fun writing down things that everybody is seeing but don’t  notice anymore and all the super interesting, funny, and lovely comments that I get from everybody when they “see” again.

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
It takes my mind of the farm. Having a large farm is really stressful…. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world but it is nice to take your mind off to other times in your life and/or  focus on something else. Also I love the interaction with all kinds of different people.

What’s the best part of living on a large dairy farm? What makes you happy to jump out of bed each day?
Working with my husband and my family. And working with our boys and girls and of course our ladies (the cows)! I love to see the sun come up over this land with endless possibilities. I am truly blessed to live my American Dream!

Plus, I read The Secret. Before I get out of bed I say my thanks and start the new day good!

Anything else that my readers absolutely must know about you and/or your blog?
It is a bit of a roller coaster, so even if one post doesn’t “do” it for you, you might wanna come back anyway because next post can be COMPLETELY different!

Dairy Delightful

A post I found particularly funny was when Leontien was pulled over for speeding. It’s a little different when you don’t have your id and don’t know your address! Thank for stopping by today, Four Leaf  Clover Tales–it’s been fun!

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