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India Circus By Krsna Mehta : Haul And Review

By Lookingoodfeelingfab @lookingoodfeel
There was a phase in my life that I now like to call "the safe phase", it was a time when I avoided even a trace hint of risk in any decision. My choices when it came to dressing myself and my home proclaimed "safe" accompanied with a big yawn. My walls were always white, the wall art was safe, sparse and standard, even the upholstery was within the same color family, having veered dangerously to tan on one occasion.
Just when I had justified every safe decision in my head and was slipping into a zone of comfort believing that this was me and not the fear of risk, an interior magazine featured the home of designer Krsna Mehta.
I remember looking at those pages again and again, loving the riot of colours even more with each view. Within a few moments all my beliefs were shattered and I was left asking myself the question "is this me or have I confined myself into a safe mold?"
That is really when my love affair with Krsna Mehta's designs started. He brought color on my walls and into my life. And then I had the opportunity to observe the master in action at a store opening in a quaint part of Pune. The moment I entered the bunglow I noticed a distinct Krsna Mehta stamp, there were crows painted on the walls, color everywhere, so much personality and the designer himself was spinning around in the space making sure every little product was placed beautifully. My respect for him and his designs went up manifold that day.
The fact that he took on the digital space at the right time and carved a niche for 'India Circus' proves to me beyond any shred of doubt that the guy is not just a creative maverick but also a business genius. In my mind he can do no wrong and neither can his brand.
I recently got myself a few pieces of 'India Circus', and if like me you are a lover of any or all of the things below, 'Indian Circus is bound to be your haven..
1. If you love colours.
2. If you love and enjoy the quirkiness of a land called India.
3. If you are obsessed with modes of transport like the taxi, the auto, the cycle...
4. Or you are a lover of animals, the deer, elephants, horses, cows...
5. If you believe you were a Mughal prince in your last birth or have an affinity for Mughal princesses..

6. If you love the unconventional.
7. If you appreciate speedy service and delivery.
8. If like me, the product packaging is sometimes more important to you than the product itself..
9. If you want great quality at equally great prices.
10. If you love yourself enough to enjoy some risks.....
Here is a link to what my next India Circus purchase is likely to be (on my lust list )
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