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Independence Day

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
It's the 4th of July and for most, that means fireworks, cookouts, parades, flags, and other types of revelry in commemoration of our country's independence from British colonialism.
Not me.
Let me explain. 
I'm not un-American.   That's not it at all. 
I'll be checking out the parades, enjoying cookouts and crabs, not to mention the occasional cocktail, along with the rest of you.
But while everyone else  is thinking about the U. S. of A.'s independence, my thoughts will be with my number 1 son.
For the last week or so, he's really been showing out.  Hell a stubborn and opinionated, but all for the sake of asserting his independence.  Now, as a mommy, this is a little off putting, but I'm showing my Independence Day pride and being supportive for the cause.   
So this year, I'm celebrating the 4th by giving my preschooler a little more independence and letting him make some decisions.  Here's a few ways I'm doing it:
1. Let him dress himself.  This one is actually a tough one for me.   
   I like my boys to look good.  I take the time to hang their clothes  
   up already matched in outfits, so I expect them to match. Today, 
   I'm letting go.  Get dressed, we're going for a walk!  

Independence Day 
2. Snack time …. What'll it be?  You want apples and dates?  You 
   got it!  Who am I to argue?  Eat what you like.  I do.
3. Take the initiative.  Wanna go to the park?  Right now?  At 8 in 
   the morning?  Oh, and you're already dressed?  How about 
   that?  Well, let's go. 

Independence Day
4. Spending the night at Grandma's.  Glad you asked.  I'll get right 
   on it.  Done.  She's on her way.  My baby gets what he wants. 
So there it is.  I'm whoosawing and letting go.  My baby's growing up and I'm powerless to stop it.  How are you spending your Independence Day? Are you letting your kiddos get all independent and stuff?  Leave a comment so we can all revel in your awesome ability to let go.
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