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INA VASE - Valentine's Day, Sorta

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
My husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day.It is not that we take an anti-commercial stance but rather we feel it is more romantic to celebrate February 12th, the evening we met across a crowded dance floor, 15 years ago last week at a Valentine's Day party.
INA VASE - valentine's day, sortaA single additional flower is all it can take to make a 'bunch of flowers' into an 'arrangement'; in this case I added a single lily.  A different color would have been nice but sometimes you just have to roll with what you find at your local florist.
INA VASE - valentine's day, sortaOne week in and some of the lilies are just opening - what great staying power!
INA VASE - valentine's day, sortaIn the dining room I added the remaining yellow lilies into the 'winter vase' left over from our Winter Party.
(I may leave the greenery and baby's breath in place and just update the other flowers for the remainder of the winter!)
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