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In the Polytunnel Today

By Sue15cat
In the Polytunnel Today
A quick glimpse into the polytunnel as it is this morning.
Still lots to eat -
Carrots Cabbage Kale Spinach Beetroot Radish Mixed Leaves Celery
A few Spring Onions but not quite big enough to pick yet, and I've just pulled up the last Kohlrabi!!
In the Polytunnel Today
The big colander is full of stuff for the chickens, all the nibbled at leaves and off-cuts and the smaller one for bringing into the house.  I feel a fresh pan full of soup will be in the making soon.
I just need to do a tidy up now, harvest the last of the carrots and generally make some space to get ready for new vegetables to go in the beds.  Lovely Hubby drilled the raised bed edges and made holes for the water pipe hoops to sit in.  These will form support for a vital additional layer of warmth when covered with the fleece for all the seedlings in their unheated propagators ..... the ones I am about to sow.
Sue xx

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