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In the Kitchen With Jimmy Codean

Posted on the 14 October 2013 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

              You may have heard of Jimmy Codean in passing if you are a Timbaland fan. His collaborations with Timbaland, Wizz Dumb, and other upcoming producers should get you prepared for what is about to come. A song like “ Hot Mess”featuring Timbaland & JRoyal appeared on my favorite day of the week Timbaland Thursday and all over the music blogosphereIn May he made an appearance on Rico BMore's song "Continental"alongside Cherish Mie, listen here.

In the Kitchen With Jimmy Codean

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             He dropped his “Broken Pennies"  mixtape, available on HDMixtapes and DatPiff, it might not cost $100 but it worth the listen. Most of the production was by his close friend WizzDumb, it takes you to the time when music was fun, beats are rather playful and his voice compliments every song. My favorites tracks are“Konnichiha,” “Back Back” and “Last Record”  a mixture of storytelling, something for the club and Saturday house cleaning. 
                Click here to download and preview “Broken Pennies.” Guaranteed to be different from all the other mixtapes you may have downloaded. 

       The follow - up "Exact Change" has been sent out to a few people, not sure yet of its official release but so far these tracks are what you expect from Jimmy, something for the 808 in the trunks, feel good type Hip hop, even music for the "pole", you can tell that Miami and Norfolk influenced his sound.Unlike other entertainers I follow on social media, Jimmy is one of the few that do respond to the fans over Twitter, he was very much easy going and willing to connect. Read the conversation below, and find out what else he has in the works.

JS: Which city are you representing right now?
JC: I'm still representing Norfolk, VA
JS: Tell me about yourself.
JC: Born in Plainfield, New Jersey moved to Norfolk, VA ,Park Place when I was 3 grew up loving music , very artistic and like helping people.
JS: What is a typical day for JimmyCodean?
JC: Typical day for jimmy is checking on my family and coming up with new business plans for the future.
JS :Tell me a surreal moment inyourcareer? Explain why it was surreal
JC: A surreal moment for me was when I went to Miami 2010 to work with Timbaland and seenanother lifestyle I never witnessed, like making music with many artistssuch as Timbaland, Attitude ,Jim Beanz, Petey Pablo and more.
JS: If I should hang around JimmyCodeanfor a day, what would I discover ?
JC: For a day hanging with Jimmy you would discover I'm a giving, funny and down to earth person to be around.
JS: How did you get your start intomusic?
JC: I got my start in music, recording myself , letting people hear what I had  and knowing what I know now . I don't listen  to people with nothing going for themselves and pay attention to the ones that do and come up with your strategy to dominate.
JS: What do you want people to understand about your music?
JC:  However they take it call it what you want hip hop, pop, trap, it doesn’t matter as long as they like what I’m Don and I’m enjoying myself while doing it , it’s for everybody.
JS: Which artists you are currentlylistening to?
JC: I’m listening to all kinds of artists like rap or whatever people call it. I’m listening to a handful of them. My favorite right now is Train- “50 ways to say Goodbye”. I love that record and everything coming from the Dumb Drumbs camp.
Sidenote : Dumb Drumbs camp include Jo’zzy, CJTate, JRoyal , etcLook them up.
JS: Whatwasthe vision for the “Broken Pennies”mixtape?
JC: I didn't have a vision for that mixtape it was thrown together half donein VA and half in Miami, I freestyled 85% of it.
JS:What are you working on rightnow?
JC: My new mixtape called EXACT CHANGE COMING SOON with producer and features from Wizz Dumb, Black and Kool from VABP, Kwami and more.
JS:What should we expect from Jimmy Codeanin the next 2 years?
JC: Should expect me to have my associates degree from Le Cordon Bleu and a lot of music business LOL real talk though.
JS: Lastly, my blog has PR (public Relations) theme, has a publicist helped you withyourcareer?

JC: A PR never helped me I did everything myself Sidenote: I hope we can fix that; a PR specialist can be beneficial to an indie artist career. See the reasons #WhyYouNeedPR


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