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By Ballerinablogger
Hello everyone! Once again I've been MIA for a little while. I am so very sorry! I'm currently working on three different performances and was in New York for a few days to see ABT's Don Quixote featuring Paloma Herrera and Jose Carreno!... I'll need a whole separate post to describe my experience because it was simply breathtaking... I cried during the pas de deux!
Anyway, I have a lot of comments that I am just now getting to so since I have so many I decided to respond to them all in post just so everyone knows that I haven't forgotten them! I've got some special things planned for several of the requests that will take a bit longer so everyone WILL have their questions answered and a post dedicated to them, it may just be a little while so I can get all of my research/pictures/videos gathered together.
Look for your comment below!
Julie on 4/25/11: Sorry for so many comments :) but I was wondering if you could do a post on how to prepare for a performance and stop yourself from feeling scared before goin on stage?? Thanks so much! I love this blog!!!!! Have fab day!
I can certainly do a post for that! I actually would like to put together a video interview of different dancers asking them about what they do before a show. It may take a while but I'll have it ready soon :)
Giselle on 5/5/2011: Hi Ballerinablogger! You are absolutely gorgeous and your penche is amazing! What company are you with? what is your fav ballet that you have been in? Thanks for posting! keep the pics coming!

Aww, thank you so much, Giselle! (I love your name, by the way) :) I've decided not to say what company I'm with for privacy reasons but my favorite ballet that I've been in would have to be either Balanchine's Serenade or my recent performance of Sleeping Beauty. Serenade is just so beautiful and I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to perform in it. In Sleeping Beauty I performed the Sapphire and Woodland Glade variations which were surprisingly difficult and offered a fantastic challenge for me. And I love a challenge :) Again, thank you so much!
Juliette on 5/5/11: Hi Ballerinablogger! This post is awesome! Could you maybe do a post about what to bring to your recital, how to prepare for it, etc.? I think that a lot of us have spring shows/recitals and that would be really helpful! Thanks so much!
Sure thing, Juliette! I'll get to work on that as soon as I'm done this post :)
Anonymous on 5/6/11: do u think adam garcia is hot?
Haha yeah! :)
Juliette on 5/6/11: Hi Ballerinablogger! This post was really helpful! Maybe you could do a post about what styles of leo work best for different body types/style preferences? Sorry for all the suggestions :) Hope you have a fabulous night!
No worries, Juliette. I LOVE getting comments! That's a great idea, I'll have to do a little research and maybe a little shopping before I post the article but I'll definitely get to work on that. :) Thanks!
Juliette on 5/6/11: Hi Ballerinablogger! This really has nothing to do with the post except seeing your leos in the pics but i was wondering if you are satisfied with them? Are they supportive? Thanks so much!
Hi! It really depends on the leotard. I find halters can be more supportive than spaghetti straps and on the less supportive ones I definitely feel more self conscious and less comfortable with my body. I think it's important to find a leotard that makes you feel good and confident. It's not an easy task especially for girls with a larger bust size but I promise that it's not impossible!
Izi on 5/8/11:
Hi Ballerinablogger,
Thanks so the post, I found it really helpful. Infact, I was actually going to ask some advice of you about that sort of stuff some time or another.
Thanks again. Hey, if you would like to check out my blog, just head to:, or simply click on the link above. However, if you can't or don't want to, I totally understand.
Izi : )
Hi Izi! I did check out your blog and I really liked it :) Thanks so much for reading and commenting, you and my other followers are just fabulous!
Hannah on 5/17/11: Hey Ballerinablogger! I just wanted to make sure you were okay..... you haven't posted in a while and aren't answering comments. I'm missing your posts and hope you will come back soon!
Hi Hannah! I'm so sorry that I haven't been active to the blogging world in a while. I was in New York for a few days and am currently working on several different performances, busy, busy, busy! However, that's no excuse for neglecting my blog and I am very sorry! I have some great posts coming up so I hope that you guys will stick around to read them. :) Thank you for checking in on me, you're an awesome follower!
Thanks guys! I'll get to work on all of your posts and I hope that everyone is happy with the answers/tips that I'm giving. :)
Ballerinablogger ~

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