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By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Forgoing frugality, I treated myself to a cab ride from Gare du Nord yesterday. I typed in the code to my apartment building without thought, and 14 hours after saying goodbye to my parents at New York's JFK airport, entered my petit flat for the first time in two months. That is, once I'd walked up six flights of stairs with my carry-on luggage. Our rickety elevator is finally being repaired! Yay. It took me another three trips to lighten my suitcase enough to drag it up, too. Thank you for the warm welcome back, Paris.
in repair The absurdity of my arrival made me laugh out loud. Since then, I've unpacked, cleaned, and dined nearby with the lovely Rachael. It feels weird to be back; a good weird. Everything is so distantly familiar. (I phrased it in my head that way as I grocery-shopped this morning). In addition to readjusting to the time and Frenchness this weekend, I'm excited to belated celebrate 'Galentine's Day'.
in repair By the way, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you delight in wine and chocolate [and pizza] with someone(s) you care about tonight.
in repair Though I'll spend mine with Amy and Lorelei, my parents may technically be my Valentines this year. They did thoughtfully send me off with perfume, chocolate kisses, these sneakers (in red), and the sweetest card. Also, I basically miss them already. Now, to end on a not-so-sappy note, here are some charitable ways to show the love today with UNICEF and the Case Foundation. À tout !

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