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In Photos: 36 Hours in Texas

By Catiebeatty @catiebeatty
In Photos: 36 hours in TexasTexas, Houston, travel, photography, Fleur d'Elise
We touched down at George Bush Intercontinental and all I could think about was Liz Lemon yelling "It's not my airport!" on 30 Rock last week. Until I looked outside. Sun; glorious, warm Sun! How I've missed you!It was 80 the whole time. My husband whined, but my brother-in-law and I were in heaven.
In Photos: 36 hours in Texas "Ketty"... that's a new one.
Texas, Houston, travel, photography, Fleur d'EliseHouston skyline taking from one of their terrifying freeways.
In Photos: 36 hours in Texas An armadillo at Goode Company BBQ
In Photos: 36 hours in Texas
In Photos: 36 hours in TexasI feel right at home in Texas, which was rather unexpected at first. My husband's family and all their friends make up, what I believe to be, a somewhat rare pocket of liberal Texans. They also make me feel welcome by always having a pecan pie waiting for me.
In Photos: 36 hours in TexasWe were in Houston for a family wedding. The cake was delicious and, unfortunately, the leftovers were in the same house we were staying at. I ate far too much.
thick as thieves, suit, menswear Trevor wore a tie that once belonged to his great-grandfather, Sully. He was the only welder on Key West in the 1930's. It sounds like he was a pretty neat guy. Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway is dedicated to him (along with 2 other people).
Florsheim by Duckie Brown
menswear, Fleur d'Elise Trevor and his uncle
travel, photography, Denver, Fleur d'Elise Homeward bound: we had a short layover in Denver where I ran into a girl I went to high school with. Small world.
And now, here I am, back in Seattle. My pecan pie is waning and I'm already planning what I will do when I  am finally able to visit Houston with a little more time on my hands.
Trevor's outfits: Thick As Thieves Suit - vintage tie - J.Crew button down - Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoes - Shuron frames 

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