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Lately: Autumn 2016

By Catiebeatty @catiebeatty
Lately: Autumn 2016 I hate to start a blog post by talking about the weather, but it affects my posting so much, I can't help it! This October has been the rainiest on record. Boo. 
This time last year, I had 4 posts published in October, and was ramping up on Etsy for the holiday season. I noticed the other day that my product views were way down, mainly because I hadn't listed anything new on Etsy. That's when I realized I hadn't gone out to take photos with a real camera (not just my phone) in weeks, resulting in zero new listings and zero blog posts! I'm hoping November is a little drier (or a little snowier?!) so I can take some actual outfit photos!
Lately: Autumn 2016My favorite accessory right now: the handkerchief.
Lately: Autumn 2016My newest card features a hand-carved tiger moth stamp. I think I'll carve a whole series.
Lately: Autumn 2016
Lately: Autumn 2016Taken on a day that was dry enough to bring my camera out.
Lately: Autumn 2016This is Otto's nervous look. He hates the car.

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