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In Philadelphia: an Experiment with the Tablet

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: All eyes may be on the Philadelphia experiment—the Inquirer and Daily News go for first-of-a-kind tablet plan Android tablets to generate digital content adoption . Will it succeed with a tblet that few have ever heard of?

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Now, an interesting experiment to keep an eye on, if you are interested in newspapers and tablet development.

Those Philadelphia newspapers—-The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News—- will now provide $99 Android tablets if you agree to subscribe to the two Inky and one DN apps (which come preloaded). Two of the apps are digital replicas, but the Inky does have a new, more customized app as well.

Why is this important?

Well, this is the first major media company to sell subsidized tablets, which has long been discussed as a possible business plan. The problem with the strategy is that it encourages lower quality elements to hit a price point, so they’re selling a tablet that isn’t probably very good with apps that for the most part don’t go beyond the print edition.

Perhaps the $285 price is right (which includes one year subscription to the apps), even if the platform itself is not the one most users would opt for. By the way,The tablets are Arnova 10 G2 Android devices made by French consumer electronics company Archos. It appears that the business plan goes beyond subscriptions to include advertising, of course.
The tablet will start with three sponsors: Comcast, Wells Fargo, and Main Line Health, a regional hospital network.

One thing is for sure: we are likely to see more of these experiments in the future, even with better known and more app-rich tablets.  I imagine that all eyes will be on the Philadelphia experiment in the months ahead to see how the plan goes for them.

It may be the start of the “beyond the iPad” tablet revolution for newspapers.  We must wait and see.

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