Family Magazine

In No Particular Order

By Daisyjd

Things that make me happy:

1. Long, all day recipes that you make on a Sunday and that fill your house with amazing smells.

2. Wine nights with good friends.

3. Reading nights with B, particularly when I’m reading a book in paper form.

4. Gracie’s demand for “hugs” throughout the day.

5. When the dog curls up next to me and then sighs a big content sigh.

6. That first cup of hot coffee.

7. Email chains and group texts with my best girls.

8. When Gracie’s daycare teachers tell me she is the class member that always tries to make anyone who is sad feel bettter.

9. Argyle socks.

10. A full tank of gas.

11. FaceTime/Google Chats and the ability to see loved ones on a regular basis, no matter how far they are.

12. Vacation planning.

13. Cooking with a glass of wine, B, and good conversation while we chop and stir.

14. Perusing real estate listings.

15. Football food.

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