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In My Dream

By Bookishkind @bookishkind
In my dream I went to look at a house. At first, it seemed just an ordinary house, small and typical. But as I kept going through the house it soon became apparant that this house was special. There was a "magic window" where the most amazing beauty could be seen.
Looking out the window, I saw a huge flock of white birds sweep the sky back and forth all just for me. They were so beautiful and breathtaking, I was in awe of them. The window also held other beauties, and there were even little kittens just outside the window who came to the window to greet me.
In My DreamWhen I looked at the outside of the home, the natural beauty was all around. I knew that I had to have this house. But after meeting with the owner, I learned that it was a very sought after house and very expensive. I wanted to live there, but could only afford two days of living there. I made the arrangement for the two days, and left vowing to come back as I could. Somehow the home was available to all those who wanted it for however long they could stay there. You could always come back to the house and I was in mind to do so as soon as possible.
(This is the best I can remember my dream last night. This morning in the early hours, I vowed to remember all of the details so I could write it all down. Some of the details have escaped me, but what I do remember is all written here. For what it's worth, yesterday there was a huge flock of pelicans flying in the sky that I happened to notice - so that's where the bird thing came from - in my dream they are not pelicans, but still white and flying. And we are hoping to add another kitten-friend here soon, so the kittens in the window are inspired by that, I'm sure).
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