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Improving Supply Chain Execution for a Proven Track Record

Posted on the 29 June 2012 by Ryderexchange

Written by Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

In today’s complex, global marketplace it’s not enough to know logistics. Creating and running a high-performing supply chain requires deep knowledge and a proven track record of delivering reliable supply chain solutions; using proven processes that elevate performance and efficiency.

Restructuring a supply chain – eliminating waste, improving efficiency, optimizing asset utilization – is a significant undertaking. Not surprisingly, the organizations that are best equipped to transform their supply chains are those who have significant experience in this area.

supply chain optimization
Whether you’re optimizing your own supply chain or turning it over to a qualified third-party logistics (3PL) provider, there’s a high level of correlation between working from a template of proven practices and a successful transformation.

The process model provides a pattern for a standard, repeatable solution set that can be applied across different industries and areas of the supply chain. Rather than approaching all supply chains from a ‘cookie cutter’ perspective, a standardized model enables you to draw on proven best practices – and customize them to individual requirements.

Proven Track Records

These considerations are especially important if you’re working with a 3PL provider. Outsourcing of logistics activities to an experienced third-party supplier is a great way to get products to market faster, improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service and open new distribution networks. However, the market is full of both global and niche providers who offer little differentiation and may not have the credentials to deliver results. The right partner should:

  • Use proven processes and in-depth logistics knowledge to drive improvement even for the most complex operations
  • Have customer and industry awards confirming the company’s achievements and leadership in the field
  • Be an industry/market leader with a demonstrated ability to deliver bottom-line results – as acknowledged by customers and industry peers
  • Take a holistic approach to supply chain optimization and your situation, including an assessment of the supply chain that identifies issues, risks and opportunities
  • Deliver a turnkey solution – based on proven practices – that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs and protects profit margins

Do you – or does your 3PL provider – have a proven track record in supply chain optimization?

Learn more about the importance of proven practices in driving supply chain optimization and efficiency. Look for the next post, which explores the role lean methodologies play in driving a high-performing supply chain.

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