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Impossible Love….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

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Dear Clark,


Is the twin flame love an impossible love? It is said and known that impossible love tortures the soul into a new level of awakening. At least in cases when one or both twin flames are married or in a long-term partnership with someone else or there’s an ‘impossibility’ in the relationship (such age differences, different race or religion etc.). There is pain in such a love because there is an explosive confrontation of desire and guilt. There is separation because of the guilt but there is pain too as a result of the separation. So the difficulty of this impossible and creative love has led many to become a person of enlarged understanding – of love and life. We attain a deep understanding that the desires of the soul are stronger and intense, and no matter what, that once these soul intentions have been awakened - the desire and wants of the soul take precedence over everything.


This third person (the twin flame) in my marriage metaphorically represents the soul – preparing me for a new and deeper way of loving; revealing the paradoxes of love and living. Because he left, he has kept me in a perpetual state of wonder and briefly mirrored and brought to surface my deepest memories, fantasies and feelings – both positive and negative.


So then isn’t the twin flame just a concept used to explain this process of love-induced-dark-soul of the night? For the twin flame (as a third person) is merely an illusion as it merely assists you to dig deeper into the depths of your soul. And it might also explain why many twin flames can never be together for he/she is only a dark stranger of the night who will never fit into your life as he/she has a ‘free will’ too. And not matter how much one would have changed one’s life and beliefs, and how deeply and expansively one would have embraced love and life – twin flames never come together.


How then would you separate the twin flame concept from the impossible love? For giving this process a term like ‘twin flame’ gives people false hope that they will come together and will live their lives yearning for this special love. While telling people this is impossible love will help people accept the reality of their new and expanded life and create a fresh story without the twin or the dark soul of love.


Many thanks and hope to hear from you on this – the differences and what lies ahead for people who have experienced the dark nights of impossible love.




Dear Friend,

Let’s define impossible… Impossible has a truth and has a lie almost embedded inside of it, what we see as impossible is created within barriers of what we experience in thought.  Let’s give you a story..


A man and woman fell in love they didn’t understand what it was they could see in each other when they looked into each others eyes, something stirred, something that felt beyond what it feels like to be home, something that was more powerful cause it was ageless in what it felt, it was not based on age, race and religion or even spiritual practice.  Beyond this was something vibrational as though a single note was found in unison and created an echo of what a bottomless void that would ensure flight would feel like.   The man who was living entirely in search of what was out there, that he could feel was real tried numerous ways of finding his path by sharing this with anyone who he could feel experienced it, yet they would let it go for it wasn’t their dream, it was his to have and his manipulation of creating this was only felt by him and shared by those he kept trying to give it to. This created and called to soul mates that the man felt had glimpses of this but never did it give him the feeling it was on going and compassionate in the feeling that kept him with those who tried to be something they weren’t.  It opened a door to more as it pertains to love but seemed to leave those he shared this with standing in a doorway.   The woman saw this in the man when they first met, she could see that his vibration was the same as her’s she had come close to finding someone who could give her glimpses of what was beyond love but it was just an illusion and she was told that something beyond love didn’t exist.  As they met, he was splintered as was she. the more she tried to get him to see the truth of what they were the more he was not wanting to be around her.  He disappeared suddenly one day turned into one month then one month into two years…


The sadness of the man became his reason for reaching the point where he felt a sudden need to end it all, to just give up his wanting to find someone who possessed the dreams he knew were real came to a close.  His dreams became more erratic and his want to be something more dwindled.  As he started to go back to see what he experienced he was pointed to the one who lost her words when they were together.  He knew her words didn’t matter but what was in her eyes and his when they connected pointed to the place of reflection we all miss in this existence.  The outside world is viewed in different formats as the mind is what shows us the world and how we interact in it.   He messaged her where somehow someway she was directed to a place she seldom went to.  She responded and soon they met and became beautiful friends..  He was struck by her but also felt her lies and she did his..  They knew they wanted to be together but how, she was engaged to be married.  As this continued so did the mans need to find someone who could connect the way that she did with him.  He started to see himself completely.  He was always thinking and as he started to awaken under these circumstances his choices became more present, and his lies became more of what he was diving into as he wanted more of his truths.  He was living with someone and also had a wife who didn’t know anything about this.  As he made her his choice things happened because of his actions that caused the running away from her.  He kept seeing those that tried to show him his dreams yet it wasn’t as genuine as he knew it could be.  Around this time with his confusion to awake and the choice to live his lies in the background she could see this in him and was with her fiancé and made love with him in mind and got pregnant by her fiancé.  This was the awakened feeling of what he could feel, his heart hurt and he felt the first glimpse of what a true connection was beyond what he could think or feel from thinking what his dreams tried to tell him.  He felt the conception and even tried to tell her she was pregnant yet he knew that she knew some lies are hard to cover especially when it comes to how the truth has it’s place inside of you.   A few weeks later after going to the doctor it was confirmed..  She met him where they first met and told him and he was adamant about them being together and raising the child.  She was confused, confused by what this would do to the child and her other children.  She didn’t trust him cause he truly was still learning to trust himself.  She said she needed time and time was spent 8 days for her to realize yes this is what she wanted but in her absence his pain became enormous had he found the window of his dreams only to lose it, and what he wanted more than anything was to be the man of her dreams and his dreams..  This was painful for him as he didn’t know what she would do, but he could also feel her sense of being somewhat old fashioned that to raise a child with another was wrong.  She had a battle that would need to be gone through.  He decided it best to go a different direction he called his girlfriend who he had told to leave weeks before to come and see him so they could talk.  During this delimma she decided what has she got to lose let’s see if we can make this work..  The love that was there in vibration grew strongly and she realized that he was on the other side of the door beyond love and that it was them who were meant to be together.  She got to his home and saw his car there along with another.  She felt something painful in her.. something in her heart.  She walked up to the door and could see in the window she saw him there with the girl he was with and they were kissing.  Her heart crushed she went back to her car and cried.. and realized that it was not going to be..   A few weeks later she married the man she was engaged to..  and they had a beautiful baby boy…


So what do you feel was the end of that story my friend?  Just reading this was it a happy ending or happy beginning or a painful experience of what happens to twins when they vibrate and chaos ensues…

Love is not impossible cause love is energy it can be shared or not shared or even manipulated into something extraordinary placing each obstacle in energy before you to embrace what it means to share in it’s energy.


The truth to this story is that it was our beginning…  The story didn’t end, it was being written…  It’s never about the destination, it is about the single step you are taking in this moment, this moment is as beautiful, as it is broken. You just have to see it, as it is for what you think it is isn’t broken, it’s in your thoughts.  There is always a silver lining, and always a reason for everything, even when it doesn’t make sense!


Love deeply my friend,


Lois and Clark

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