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Important Ways to Decorate Your Nails for Valentine’s Day

By Saleem786
Important Ways to Decorate Your Nails for Valentine’s Day
Important Ways to Decorate Your Nails for Valentine’s Day
Preparing for Valentines Day involves much over selecting the ideal gift. Looking spectacular down to the tips of your fingernails is absolutely essential as well so check out a few nail designs inspired by this romantic holiday.
1. Make a statement
Make each finger stand out by giving it a different style. You may even make each nail look like a different type of Valentines Day sweet.
2. Stained glass
This stained glass design will give you a unique and modern look. There's lots of potential color combinations,

3. Ruby slippers
These ruby red nails are sexy like any red nail, but the sparkle adds additional playfulness.
4. Black and red
Give your nails a tiny bit of an edge with a hint of black. Its ideal for a Gothic look.

5. Winter love
These nails looks like a comfortable winter sweater. Theyre the ideal mix of Valentines Day celebration & snowy white winter.
6. Mini hearts
Add some hearts to a French tip for a simple Valentines Day look. Its subtle to wear to work, & it wont look outdated on February 15.

7. Splatter paint
Not feeling cutesy about Valentines Day? Were not positive if this is meant to be dripping blood or splatter paint, but they love it.
8. Sweetheart peppermint
Dress up your nails with peppermint swirls as well as a jeweled heart. You can also alter colors for more of a lollipop look.

9. Pink and grey
Receive a simple look with a single pink stripe through a grey painted nail. The color combination is subtle, but sweet.
10. A different shade
This easy idea packs a punch. Its ideal for people with less nail design experience.

11. Love tips
Who knew a Italian manicure could be so bold? Heres a sincere twist on a nail classic. It works best on pointy nails.
12. Owl cuteness
Whoooo loves you? These pink owls are lovely any time of the year and are sure to get attention.

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