Self Expression Magazine

Humble Stomach

By Atulsharmasharma
Every body part was jealous of Stomach. They considered Stomach as a lazy brat who did nothing except gobbling up delicious eatables. While all the significant functions like walking, talking, seeing and hearing were done by them. So they decided in unison to boycott Stomach. And the decision was conveyed. The Stomach remained calm and quite as was its nature. The other parts of the body saw it as a sign of cowardice. Hands were the first to participate in this misadventure and declared that from now on no food would be delivered to Stomach. And no food was delivered by Hands for two days at a stretch. All body parts started to feel its impact. They became weak. And on fourth day they realised their folly and blamed Hands as if they were never part of this misadventure. Then they sought forgiveness from Stomach. The Stomach just gave them a tranquil smile saying no harsh words. The Hands wept bitterly on  seeing greatness of Stomach and betrayal of other body parts. The remorseful  Hands offered food to powerful yet humble Stomach. And the Stomach  accepted the food as if nothing had  happened.

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