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Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel
Flowers are most loved by people because of its natural scent and beauty. A lot of people use them for certain special occasions to brighten the day of someone and bring colorful decorations to an event.

Flowers are used for decorating various areas in the hotel like restaurants, reception area, lobby area, rooms etc. They provide a cheerful appearance and color to the room. The arrangement should blend with the décor of the room. It should be suited to the occasion and location.

Arrangements for VIP Rooms:

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

Arrangements here offer a great variety in design and imagination. The placement will vary according to the type of room and its décor. The writing table, bedside table or coffee table should be used for placing tall arrangements. The flowers used in rooms should not attract insects.

Flower arrangements for reception area:

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

The reception desk is the first area that the guest comes in contact with. This desk becomes part of the lounge or lobby. Arrangements should lend character and cheerfulness to the surroundings. They should blend with the décor. Roses, tuberoses and gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations etc are most suitable. The arrangement may be two-dimensional since it needs to be viewed by the guest.

Buffet Table:

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

Flower arrangements on buffet table act as centerpieces and focus of attention. The basic rules of arrangements in dining area should be followed and a multi- tier arrangement of a combination of fruits and carved vegetables can be made. Flowers used should not have a strong smell. Theme arrangements can be made in theme restaurants.

Banquet Table:

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

A banquet is a formal sit down service and the flower arrangement must also follow a formal pattern. The color should blend harmoniously with the décor of the banquet hall. A table that is large with a seating capacity of 15-20 guests, should have at least 4-5 small arrangements. These should be low and all round. Flower arrangement for special banquets like wedding banquets or in honor of VIP guests should be formal and usually monochromatic.

Coffee Table:

Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel

For a coffee table, a low mass arrangement that can be viewed from all sides is suitable. Few large flowers combined with tiny blossoms are appropriate. Arrangements can be informal and relaxing.

  1. The right flower in right place.
  2. The first impression is the last impression.
  3. Flower arrangements make a great difference in the décor.
  4. Efficiency and productivity increases.
  5. Gives a touch of nature.
  6. Reflects the soul and image of the establishment.
Source: ihmdata & scribd

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