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Import Your Instagram Photos into a Facebook Album

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Tftb @TFTB

Instagram is fun app to take, edit, and share photos with your friends. But the App binds you to your iPhone social group i.e. the circle of friends whom you share with, are limited to people who have an iPhone.

Import your Instagram photos into a Facebook album

But there are so many photos you want to share with your other friends who are on other social networks. For twitter, you can enable auto share so that all your instagram shared photos are tweeted out. For Google+ we already have shown you a small workaround which would help you share as well as import your instagram shared photos to Google+.

For people who are avid instagram users and always wanted to share photos with their facebook friends, now can easily import all the instagram photos to a Facebook Album and enable Auto-sync which would help you share all your instagram photos in the same album everytime you share it on Instagram. Instagram does give you an option to share a photo on Facebook when you share it in the App but that just creates wall post and if you use instagram alot this might spam your wall.

InstaFB is easy, good and simple. You just need to connect both your accounts ( Facebook and Instagram), all your instagram photos would be imported to the specified album in Facebook and if you enable auto-sync, anytime you share a new photo on Instagram it will be automatically added to that album.
The only problem with this service being, you can only import 50 photos from your account to the album.

I hope you enjoy using InstaFB.

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