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By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui


Pic by me!

Imagine a rainbow.
Imagine if this rainbow is tangible. 
Imagine I am a bird. Imagine you are a bird. 
We are birds, perched atop this rainbow, set on a beautiful blue sky.
Because I would like to see the positive and beautiful side of life.
Because if that is how I know how to see life, I might, somehow, somewhere, with a slight beckoning, a single glance, or a hopeful smile, let someone else see it that way too.
Because I have truly learned, what really does not kill, can only make you stronger and better. 
Because as far as I can, I will walk the miles. I will pick the pieces. I will sew the patches back on. 
Are you a bird, atop a rainbow? 
Are you the one who flies away and comes back home?
-love & peace,

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