Imaginary Friend

Posted on the 28 February 2020 by Views She Writes @ViewsSheWrites

Every child has an imaginary friend in their formative years. The talk to them, play with them and tell them their secrets. I had one, too. My imaginary friend was a girl named Suzie. She liked to play with me and tell me stories.

However, most of her stories used to be dark and I used to get scared. Eventually, I had to ask her to stop telling me such stories and after some convincing, she agreed with a smirk. We, then, continued to have a wonderful friendship.

But gradually, I realized that my friends grew out of their imaginary friends. But mine still remained with me, refusing to leave my side even for a moment.

Things became pretty clear one night when I overheard my parents talking about my twin sister who had grown parasitic in the womb. On birth, they had tried to separate her from me. But part of her brain could not separated from my brain without the risk of my life. So they let it remain there and it is still lodged safely inside my head.

My parents had wanted to name her Suzie.

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