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Image of the Week!!! Jim's Over 21 Version !!!!!!!

By Jpbrandanophoto @JPBrandanophoto
I really love this image. It is just a innocent, but sexy, naughty  and funny picture!!
 On this particular day we were shooting a "romance day" in Miami with a great couple.  It was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida and we were all enjoying it.
When we photograph couples we will mostly pick out a spot and have them stand or sit there but for the most part we do not set up the moment. We just tell them to act like they are alone on a date and try and forget we are around. I  think it creates a more natural "real" moment. I'm not worried about how they are standing and where their hands are. I want the couple to feel comfortable, at ease. I will take 20 or 30  shots at one spot just waiting for a moment!! That is what I did here, then after a while they started laughing and joking around  and then Amanda " flashed" him lol. Well not exactly, she had a pair of shorts under the dress but it still makes a great image.
  I was shooting with my 70 - 200 lens extended out to 80, so I was not that close and I was down a small embankment. 
For those who have been asking I was at 500sec. F4, at ISO 200. 

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