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IIT Bombay – Technical Fest – Techfest – 2018

Posted on the 25 November 2018 by Ssankarr

Techfest, IIT Bombay, is Asia's largest Science and Technology festival. With a footfall of over 1,75,000+, it boasts of a myriad crowd of students, adults, kids and corporates, attending the festival in order to broaden their horizons. Being held over the weekend from 14th to 16th of December 2018, it is sure to be a spectacle to behold.

Monstrous bots, each backed by a boisterous, roaring crowd, competing for the title of Grand Champion, International RoboWars is Techfest's flagship event. Participants from all over the world, including countries like China, Brazil etc. will showcase their bots, each with its own quirks, and their innovative combat features. Anchored by arguably the most famous combat robotics anchor in the world, Mr Faruq Jenkins, Techfest RoboWars has grown to be Asia's largest combat robotics competition over the course of years.

IIT Bombay – Technical Fest – Techfest – 2018

With a plethora of illustrious guests, from different fields of life, interacting impromptu with the young and dynamic audience at the festival, Lecture Series provide the best way to live one's dream of getting to know about every discipline from the very best in the field. Prominent speakers from previous Lectures include Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Prof. Manjul Bhargava and Bjarne Stroustrup and many other eminent personalities worldwide. The 22nd edition of Lectures is all set to host His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama along with a line up of technocrats and academicians who have been integral to the establishments we see today. A lineup for you to witness the transformation of the world with the passage of time. Here is a concise list of Speakers at Techfest this year:

Dr. John C Mather, Nobel Prize in Physics (2006)
Simon Taufel, Former member of ICC Elite Umpire panel
Michael Sheetz, Recipient of Lasker Award
Charles Severance, American computer scientist
Dilip Chhabria, Indian Car Designer and founder of DC design
Viral Acharya, Deputy Governor, RBI

Workshops conducted by Techfest, IIT Bombay, aim to give visitors a hands-on experience in various fields like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Open Data Science,Blockchain, IoT, Nanotech, Fintech, Android development and many more! Participants are sure to learn a lot in these workshops, conducted by only the best instructors. An event to learn some of the latest technologies and procure the ability to build them with a hope to refine and implement them for a better future.

Techfest AI Summit, in which prominent speakers from different fields come together and discuss the use of AI in their respective fields, the challenges that lie in their paths and the ways to improve upon these shortcomings, through a panel discussion, also takes place during the fest. The Summit should definitely be attended by AI enthusiasts and students who want to learn more about the field since the discussions will provide an insightful look at the global AI scene today and in the future. A conference for you to explore the future everybody's dreaming of, and gain an insight into its humongous architecture.

The Techfest exhibitions feature innovations made by the students and scientists from around the country, showcasing simple yet cost-effective remedies to day to day problems, as well as models which comprehensively describe large-scale processes to enthuse young and old alike. The exhibitions also feature innovations made by students of IIT Bombay which includes IIT Bombay's self-driving car SEDRICA by UMIC, as well the racecar made by IIT Bombay Racing. The place to be to witness the fast pace at which the world is growing and how big much bigger it is getting every day.

Techfest also conducts a wide variety of competitions for different fields, ranging from Aeromodelling to coming up with innovative solutions for the implementation of a field idea. Participants from all over the country take part in these competitions to stake a claim at prizes worth INR 51 lakhs.

Ideate relates to a thought, a vision for a bright future. The sole motto of Ideate is to encourage youth to come up with innovative ideas to reform and transfigure the world. It provides a platform for young minds to showcase their talent through their novel ideas with the potential to bring about great change in the world. With prizes worth INR 5 lakh at stake, Ideate aims to find effective solutions to problems like unavailability of electricity and imagining a brighter future for India by 2030. A competition for you to chalk out the future you wish to see and the past you wish you could have made.

TWMUN aims to emulate the working of the various committees of the United Nations on a smaller scale. With participants from over 30 countries around the world, the MUN is wholly organized by young adults, who emulate the various roles in the UN, such as the Secretary-General, Undersecretary etc. It aims to teach young adults about diplomacy along with giving them a deeper understanding of world affairs.

In case you want to move away from the regular hubbub of Techfest, Ozone provides you with various opportunities to enjoy spending time doing unconventional activities, keeping the festive spirit alive. Get bedazzled by some quirky wall art, mesmerising street performances and the funky workshops. Feel the rush!

Techfest provides a platform for one and all to witness one of the most beautiful and groundbreaking amalgamations of science and technology with pure delight and enthusiasm. With a display of motivating orations, cutting-edge technology, challenging competitions and breathtaking performances for its attendees, Techfest has continued to serve as the ideal destination for millennials to learn, create and experience the beauty of technology for 21 years.

With the setting of the sun, streets hearten up to a spirit of celebration as Techfest brings to you its techno-cultural nights: Technoholix. Technoholix is this unique fusion of science, technology, and entertainment that has hosted a plethora of events like EDM nights, Laser shows, UV light shows, Tron dances, Acrobatics and even Virtual 3D holographic displays for ecstatic audiences of over 20,000! This year we have Danny Avila, producers of "Too Good To Be True" and "Brah" with the night being started-off by the World's Best Launchpad Artist M4SONIC and also joined by Eric Heimdall - The Renowned Laser Harpist.

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Techfest, IIT Bombay- A Timeless Lapse

IIT Bombay - Technical Fest - Techfest - 2018

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