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Ignite Yourself!

By Luphil

Fire is the essence of creation, the cosmic force which ignites the process of manifestation. And we are also sparks of the original fire, descended into forms. We, as souls, are enclosed with sheaths of dense body cells and the tissues of our jackets of karmic textures. We dived into objectivity with coatings like diving suits. What happens when the oxygen supply is getting blocked?

First functional German diving suit, by Karl Heinrich Klingert

The fire of our vital force dies down and we are suffocating. Many feel like suffocating today. When you are cut off from your origin you lose the awareness of who you really are, of what you have come for. People are running their lives in zombie mode, with their fires nearly extinguished. Many chase after pseudo-fulfilments: The kick of extreme adventures, of body/sport challenges, of careers… They don’t nourish the the soul fire.

However, these are still much better than the hunt for darker satisfactions. And worse is an extinguished fire or a destructive fire of frustration. Societies can also live on dangerous fires of polarisation and splitting, can exhale poisonous gases – in the physical, emotional and mental planes, like lies, manipulations and divisions.

Sagittarius has just started. It can give us the power to uplift the spirits from the morass of stuck life force. Ignite the fire in you for high aspirations. Sublime aspirations, well grounded and effective, are rare. Kindle the fire in you. And with an extra-breeze of prana, the vital force, ignite yourself! Continuously!

Ignite Yourself!

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