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“If You Can’t Say Something Nice… Don’t Say Nothing at All. “

By Isiswin @Isis_Win
“If you can’t say something nice… don’t say nothing at all. “

"If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all. "

By Isis Win

Famous quote from the G movie Bambi. But I am not talking about the animated film nor about a G family issue. I am referring to the constant and recent stream of public addresses and comments by a few of the politicians in power and those who aspire to higher office. No need to mention names because if you don’t know them, likely you don’t truly care of what’s going on in that realm, nor what the newspapers and some TV stations broadcast. However, it is worth to mention in case you care to know. What I am talking about: words that had come out from conservatives or . . . republicans in the recent weeks.

Perhaps preparation to a full presidential campaign requires to address every single issue that is in the news or the minds of the American voters. But only a prepared, well-educated and conscious politician or candidate for higher office, will focus on the matters that are of vital importance and the future of the nation and the concern about the direction they will tak or offer. That in order to take the country in the correct direction. However, these comments I am thinking about, although they reflect a reality of a pathological issue in our country, in their view, are comments address issues that have no turf in the public arena as a political platform. Even if they bother to a few Americans.
Nevertheless, those comments had been made with the intent to stir a negative and toxic outcome, in an already conflicting situation. Those who comment negatively against gay and transgendered issues, in such a toxic demeanor, are saying: Not only that they are partial to a sector of the population, but they disregard the fact that LGBT people are as American as they are <question mark here>. LGBT people are as good contributors to our country – as they are . And! . . .  As well, they are human beings deserving of support. compassion and sympathy.

These types of comments go beyond the threshold of inflammatory, toxic and a clear declaration of bigotry. These are comments clearly state: Those who dare to make them, are emotionally and psychologically ill. As well, since the forum they had used to express theirs sickness is the political and public view. What’s that about a patriotic promise? As well, they are telling the rest of the population that they don’t deserve their vote because that. As well that power in their hands, will become a destructive force against their own people. A minority of Gay and  transgendered people. Therefore, a potential of stigmatizing the average citizen that doesn’t comply with their views.

Correct me if I am wrong: Isn’t that a political officer suppose to address all issues that concern the well-being of ALL the American people? Even those that didn’t vote for them? Something is wrong with this picture and frankly the signs, are highly alarming. There is not difference with the skinheads and those anti racial groups we know had existed among us for centuries and still exist in the 21st century. Is Supremacy Discrimination a part of the political panorama today? OK, they have the right to be who they are and as they are but what gives them right to demand that the rest of the people should be like them? Their job, the reason they may become elected, is to carry through their policies protection, respect and honor all law-abiding citizens.

Perhaps the most scary and concerning aspect of this is: There is no different of what happened before and during II WW in Germany. A general and popular consent to carry out annihilation of the Jewish people created the worse monster in history. Almost with full consent of the entire country! We all know the results. Besides the victims of this genocide, the German people are still paying a high price for supporting their ill minded ruler. We all know that his power was so overwhelming, that he was totally capable of seizing the entire power of the military forces and all government agencies and offices. If we look at many of this politicians of today, it is clear that they are seeking for as much more power they can gather and at the cost of ANYTHING.

I can understand the possible effects of gay and transgendered issues on some people. But it is irresponsible to the highest level, to rule that because they are unable to understand it, they fear it and despise it. Whoever bigots them is plainly wrong, is bad, ill and a threat to the rest of the population. Those that don’t side with them – in their terms.
Of course a rotten apple maybe found among any minorities, but the proportion in regards of those numbers, is much smaller than the rotten apples among the mainstream world. In fact, one the most unbelievable aspects in the criminal justice system and social services, is the overwhelming disregard of what the main source is as well responsible for “creating” bizarre criminal minds. It is nothing less, than the result of alcoholism, drug abuse, physical and emotional abuse and the lack of opportunities for them – to find a way of life. A

single way to pull out of it. A way to be safe, survive and have access to any mechanism, so they can work towards the nurturing of their self-esteem and self-appreciation. A way to find out that working towards a sound education and dedication, will render the best outcome. The result? It will render exactly what they need and want – to become a respectable citizen and a law-abiding individual.That way they will receive all the support, resources and benefits, most people receive through their entire life and many take for granted. It is absolutely ridiculous that instead, massive amounts of our tax dollars are used to persecute, prosecute, incarcerate and stigmatize unprivileged people. It would be much cheaper if the government and social services take care of them from the beginning. So they have a chance to become a law-abiding person and to take what has been taken away from them by their parents and society. In reality crime is the result of poor opportunities and the denial of their rights. Society is largely responsible for this serious problem in the US. But more importantly, politicians fail to address this issue.
Just like in the case of alcohol or drug abuse. Many countries had addressed this horrendous and unfair issue. The results in those countries consistently show a positive outcome. Less crime, less incarcerations, a much lesser cost and on the long run, they become average contributors to the formation of their nation. So, what do we need to do? so our politicians figure out that our judicial system and jail apparatus cost to tax payers an unjustified amount of dollars? Perhaps as much as running our already expensive government? To make matters even worse, the statistics clearly show, that only a few of those criminals can not be re-incorporated into society in a safe way. Talking about different countries within our country? . . . perhaps would be safer and more financially reasonable, to create a country exclusively for them. Where they can be taught how to survive in our world civilized and get the opportunity of believing in themselves.

Don’t believe me being a romantic, naive, idealistic and ignorant being. I am well aware that many individuals simple have no recourse. regardless of anything, they will always be criminals and will hate the world and society. But those are the only ones that need to be removed even from the existing jails because any other “criminal” that shares time with them, will end up being as toxic as they are. It has been proven that many first offense criminals, once they are released, their criminal behaviour escalates and they become as bad as those they related to in prison. Jail has been their only school in life. But this is not about that so let me get back in track.

The basic rights that LGBT people had been advocating for through decades are the very same rights any american citizen receives by default. Even those that often break the law, receive those very same rights. But because LGBT people are not exactly like the rest of the world, those rights are stripped out their hands and just because they are different? Because not everyone understands them? Nevertheless, I question anyone there, what do you know about compassion?

If the founders of our nation never figure out something like this in the future of our nation . . . If they would . . .  am sure they would become more specific as what excludes any American of any of these rights. In fact, our constitution was modeled after the very best principles found in the Greek and Roman empires. But neither culture denied or ostracized gay and TG people. But lets take a quick look at hypocrisy too. It has been reliably discovered and exposed, many of our higher office representatives are either gay or transgendered. Ironically, those the very same, not only are in a deep denial, but they have clearly antagonized all initiatives in favor of LGBT rights. Many LGBT attempts and initiatives had failed once they reached their vote.  If we look at their agendas, we can find that their performances in office, had exclusively been dedicated to the benefit of their corporate and affluent supporters. Where are the rest of the voters?

If we can’t change these unfair, illegal and inhuman policies of denial of basic principles towards LGBT people, the least we can do is to stop politicians and political runners for office that antagonize civil and human rights. So they can’t use their ignorance, bigotry and fear, for the sake of gaining support among  those that as well, need very badly a light in their darkness.
Making unsubstantiated assertions against anyone as it has been done of late, is against the law and they should be sue in the Court of Law. However, it is clear not even his/her opponents would do that. So “justice” turns its blind eye in their favor. Justice seems to state, I see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil. So what does justice see?

Las,t I question to those parents that teach their kids to be responsible, loving and unbiased way in life; Why would you teach them that, when you are not even able or willing to represent your love and appreciation for ALL others? What happened to you? Whatever it is, I truly wish you to find peace and harmony before you check out, because when you do so, it is unavoidable to see all the wrong you’ve done and at that point, it is too late to make amends.

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